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Programs and Services

Our organization will provide tutoring, support groups, mentoring, art and music fundamentals, as well as, sports activities.

Study Skills

Students will be provided with strategies to help them personalize, prioritize, and maximize their study skills. Students will learn to manage their time wisely by determining their optimal learning style, prioritizing learning material, and developing better study habits. Applying the new study skills will result in grade improvement and knowledge retention in all school subjects.

Reading & Writing Tutoring

A phonics-based, systematic, intensive approach to reading and writing will be provided. Basic grammar, essay writing, brainstorming ideas, and vocabulary will be taught based on the student’s level of comprehension. Students will gain increased confidence and understanding in their reading and writing skills.

Mathematics & Science Tutoring

Basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus qualified tutors will be readily available to assist all students. Students will be provided with comprehension-based science activities to aid in the understanding of different science related subjects. Problem-solving techniques, shortcuts, and a variety of learning aides will be used to reduce the high-levels of anxiety commonly seen in young students that struggle with math and science. Students will have periodic assessments in a variety of areas to further assess comprehension, retainment, and study skills.

Advanced Placement (AP)/SAT/ACT Test Preparation

Kaplan test preparation coursework and exams will be available with tutor assistance, as available, for all students. AAO administered pre-exams and post-exams will be administered for review of the overall course preparedness and test score outcomes. AP summer homework tutoring will be provided, as tutors are available.

Art, Media, and Music Enrichment

Students will have the opportunity to interact with different environments on field trips, during summer camp, and as mentors are available. AAO will provide students with a range of study materials, hands-on training and growth opportunities.


Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in the sport(s) they are interested in. AAO Leadership academy will have staff available for assistance with any beginner tutorials, tips, or review. Our goal is to create sports teams that will be allowed to play in division games and get further exposure for our student players.